Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gotcha Day

Today is our Gotcha day!

We love you little girl. Can't wait to all be together!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Vilija Renae Bradford

With word from Court this afternoon, we would like to introduce you to our daughter and the newest member of the Bradford Family.

Vilija Renae Bradford

 Here is a little excerpt from my Journal:

"After all this I asked how she came to choose Vilija's name (the social services worker who handled her case when she was born). Upon hearing the translation her face lit up with the most beautiful smile. This I learned, was why she came to court. She has a method I learned when registering orphan children to use a calendar that shows a tradition from pagan times. Instead of celebrating birthdays back then, Lithuanians would celebrate name days. There were several names attached to August 5th but Vilija (pronounced Vi-leah) stood out that day. With a bleak future ......"Vilija" was special. Vilija is a derivitive of the word "Vilte" which means hope. She prayed that this child would have hope someday. A hopeful future.  So when she came to court that day it was to see this hope finally coming true. Hope had come in the form of a family and she just had to see it. She told this story to the judge. I almost wept right there. Goosebumps.....Her name is literally HOPE (Vilija) REBORN (Renae)"

Jesus really is the most beautiful redeemer isn't he? and he makes the best stories out of tragedies. We are humbled and elated to be privileged to be a small piece in his glorious plans.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Counting Down The Days

Nearly one year ago we made a committment to adopt our precious daugther. We will be bringing her home at the 1 year mark. What an incredible journey!

We are patiently impatiently counting down the days until we can go and get her. The kids made a wonderful snowflake/valentine chain to count down each day. Man does it seem too long, but I know that time will fly! Though all the snow cancellations arent helping make our days go any faster......sewing monsters, cutting snowflakes, and lots of reading are cutting it for now. From what I hear....she is really ready to start her new life! We are coming honey......running as fast as we can!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Leavin...on a Jet plane!

And here it is.........
The news we've been waiting for......
Finally after many long paper chases, fundraising, and anxious prayer filled months........

We are going to get our girl!!!!!

Please be praying for us as we make final preperations! Pray for all our children as they face the big changes ahead. And pray for travel mercies. Thank you!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Big News

Well Here it is.....the BIG NEWS POST! I have been so busy it's just silly, but it has been a lot of good busy and so I am fine with it. Busy for the sake of busy is no fun, but busy with purpose and fulfillment is ok anyday. We started a requirement to our schedule in the midst of the busyness that I recommend to any family, especially if you are in a busy stage in your lives. We have a family night every week. A night with dinner, and a game, and dessert. This night is non-negotiable.  Because, if we just say, we'll do it later.....it never happens. This has been wonderful and really helps us keep our priorities at the front of our focus.

First for those who want to know how our girl is doing.....

She is doing wonderfully!!! 
Speaking in full sentences.
Making Art work (which we were blessed with pictures of)
Making music
And READY to go home!
And don't you agree that she needs a bow in her hair? Cute little bobs demand bows, I think. But at least the orphanage has the adorable tights thing down.

Next, in big news......WE ARE FULLY FUNDED!!!! If you didnt notcie by our thermometer on the right, God provided ABOVE and beyond in perfect timing......from the most unexpected source. Do you want to hear a little snippet that will give you goosebumps? A few weeks back we had to send off a check that would accompany our dossier being submitted to "Andrea's" country. We sent off the check and waited, and waited, and waited........It did not arrive! I called the post office. I called the bank. I called our adoption agency. It was lost, and we could not proceed without it and there was nothing anyone could do for me. Bank said we had to wait 90 days to cancel it, post office didnt have a way to help, and we were just stuck and panicing. So, as God has taught us to do extremely clearly through this adoption, we got on our knees. Surrendered it to Him, again. The next day I recieved a call saying that we had been awarded a grant I had applied for several months back for exactly the amount we needed. Dossier was submitted without a second delay. The check arrived back home several weeks later...in pieces. I guess it got stuck in a sorting machine. 
He is so good isn't he?
I am SOOO grateful to all the financial support we've recieved. So many steps of faith from others that I don't take for granted. Times when someone has gave, sacrificing maybe their coffee that week, or a few meals out. Times when someone said "God just would NOT leave me alone about this" and gave above and beyond. Times when someone has donated, and donated again, and donated a third time just to get us there. Even a donation that propelled us to that last bit from someone who barely knew us, but was touched by a little girl that needed a home. And someone who puts countless hours in marathons to bring orphans to their families. Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! She is coming home, not because of us, but because of the church that stepped up! Lets keep it up church, by saying yes to adoption, to reaching out to the lost and hurting communities, to missions, and neighbors, and love. It's all there, waiting for us.....just ask Him where he wants you. 

And Lastly big news? Our Dossier was accepted, we in turn accepted their proposal, and we are OFFICIALLY matched with our little girl and awaiting a court date! The finish line is IN SIGHT. As soon as we know our travel dates we will let you know! Will you partner in praying with me for the final steps?
1. That we would recieve a court date quickly? (before christmas would be amazing, but God's timing is perfect....just soon!)
2. That our kids would be surrounded in love and comfort while their Mommy and Daddy are bringing their sister home? They have never been away from us both for so long before (about 2 weeks)
3. That we would not encounter delays in country. A possible government shutdown could create issues at the American Embassy and thus arriving home.
4. Pray for our daughter as she transitions to the radical changes she will soon experiance. That we would bond, that the language barrier would be easily sorted out, and that she would feel LOVED and at HOME as part of our family.
5. That this story, along with so many others would spark change, in the way we live, our perceptions of the world, and the mission God has for us...wherever it is!

Thank you friends! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! We cannot wait to introduce you to the new Bradford family!

Sincerely, Dale and Carrie

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disneyland and Jam

I have been gearing up for a big post with lots of big news!! I may have more information by the end of this week so I am waiting just a little bit longer......but I have so much to tell you. SO MUCH TO PRAISE GOD FOR. One of the most amazing transformations in my heart through this adoption, was the practice of always having praise on the tip of my tongue. He's done so much BLATENT obvious blessing in this adoption that it would be impossible to attribute it to anything else! And he has been telling me, now do that with the rest of your life too. Maybe I'll look a little extreme because of it, but he has been whispering to me over and over, you need to have my praise on the tip of your tongue ready to pour out in all things. Do not be afraid to praise Him for what he has done in your life, from the redemption on the cross, to the cup of coffee you had with Him this morning. He is delighted in your devotion. I promise you it will transform your life.

In the mean time, I came accross this wonderful story from the man that did so much fundraising for our girl. I am blown away by this girl's heart (ksl.com
 at the age of seven! And it wasn't even her family that adopted! I'm telling you, this has a ripple effect. Oh, that our kids would see the amazing privilage it is to be the hands and feet of Jesus and pursue it, even if it requires sacrifice! How free, peacefilled, and joyous their lives would be if they learn this! Of course there is the balancing part of teaching this, without the type of pressure that can lead to resentment, but I guess thats why that cup of coffee with Jesus every morning is so important. Anyway, I hope this encourages your heart today. And my heart, is dancing....cause we are in the HOME STRETCH of Mama soon! Please pray with us!